I'm rooting for Iowa tonight

Same here. I'm just afraid that Clark doesn't have the supporting cast she needs to win the game.
Amen to that. As much as I dislike her on the court demeanor, she is a great talent, akin to Luka Doncic in both talent and whining. Much preferable to WWW for sure.
I liked Clark a lot better before the hype went to her head. I'll be surprised if they win tonight, but it's not a tough sell to pull for the Hawkeyes against LSU.
i really like flau’jae. unfortunate she teamed with angel and the devil. i will enjoy watching her tonight while hoping cc drops some beautiful assists in an iowa. definitely want the face of college basketball at the final four.
dang it. i actually felt bad for reese. she was in shaq mode before the injury and got a terrible charge call on her 5th.
Great game…Clark is a unique fun player to watch.
"On Iowa, On to Victory" Clark is the Pistol Pete of women's basketball.
Pistol Pete is the mascot for some crummy school. I think rather than shooting goals he mostly clowns it up at basketball games.
It wasn't a terrible charge call, it could have gone either way, they defender wasn't completely set but Reese clearly initiated the contact. What was most surprising was the official made the call and fouled her out, instead of what most would have thought that she isn't going to make the call just because of the context. She is a great player, just on this night not great enough. When most of one teams baskets are two points, and most of the others are three, well you see the outcome.
Nothing more refreshing than seeing Mulkey lose. Even better that poor Angel was crying