Best basketball movies - All-Time

Going old school (mid-1970's) - "One On One," starring Robby Benson and filmed on the campus of Colorado State University.
You beat me to it!!! My dad took me to see this as a kid. I loved it!!!!
Hustle with Adam Sandler was actually pretty good.

For me -

Tier 1
Above the Rim
Love & Basketball
He Got Game
White Men Can't Jump

Tier 2
Blue Chips
Teen Wolf

As a Celtic's fan I always feel like I should like Celtic Pride more than I do.

The recent movie Air about Jordan signing with Nike is pretty good.

I liked Blue Chips a lot when it first came out. Story and acting aren't very good but the star power is excellent.
I love your tier 1 list.
Over a page into it and no one yet has listed The Fish that Saved Pittsburg?!? Talk about star power- Dr J and Kareem in their prime, along with a ton of other NBA/ABA players. Stockard Channing, Jonathan Winters, and a few other late '70s known actors.

Seriously, only watched it as a kid because a huge Dr J and Sixers fan. Movie is just okay, but better than some of those mentioned already.

And I don't understand anyone who doesn't have Hoosiers in their top 3. For me, top 3 movie of all time, not just sports. Plot wasn't just about basketball, great music, awesome cinematography, and some great acting- hence the Oscar for Hopper. The scene Hackman tells Jimmy he doesn't care if he plays and he finally misses a shot is epic direction.

Another basketball movie no one has mentioned- Heaven is a Playground.

Finally, may not be a true "basketball movie", but I would add Finding Forrester to a must-see list.
Note to self: Watch The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.

I mean, anything starring Gabe Kaplan has to be good? Right? haha (Oops, editing to note that Gabe Kaplan was in a different basketball movie called Fast Break. Got them mixed up).
Going old school (mid-1970's) - "One On One," starring Robby Benson and filmed on the campus of Colorado State University.
That was an excellent movie. It had an Oklahoma and OU touch to it with G. D. Spradlin (Pauls Valley Native and OU Grad in Education and then Law) as the coach. He was also the head coach in North Dallas Forty. I remember Robbie Benson getting paid to water the practice fields with the automatic sprinklers.
No respect for "Hoosiers"? Gene Hackman gives a great performance, and it ends with the team on top. Great ending.
Liked One on One cause Robby Benson stood up to his SOB of a coach.