Blake Griffin ready to be a Clipper


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Nov 9, 2008
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Blake Griffin Ready to be a Clipper

By: Eric Pincus Last Updated: 6/2/09 8:15 AM ET | 3160 times read

While Oklahoma forward Blake Griffin has been the consensus number one pick for months, his destination became clear on May 19th when the Los Angeles Clippers won the lottery. It didn't take long for the Clippers to acknowledge that Griffin would indeed be their choice; a number of teams may try to pry Blake away but the word out of LA is that the Clippers are steadfast in their decision.

Griffin recently spoke to reporters at the 2009 NBA Pre-Draft Combine in Chicago.

"If I'm playing with the Clippers, just bring something they don't have. Hopefully I can use my game as a filler and help fill the gap that they need, something like that," said Griffin. "They have a lot of great players and they have guys who are very capable and they won't need me to come in and do all these different things 'cause they have those, so hopefully I could just help advance the team."

Playing for his hometown team, the Oklahoma City Thunder may have appealed to Griffin but wouldn't acknowledge any reservation in moving to the West Coast and joining the Clippers.

"There wasn't disappointment at all just because playing in the NBA has been a dream of mine for so long and for it to be so close and just to have the opportunity, wherever it is," said Blake. "It's a good feeling for me."

Presently the Clippers have a glut of big men with Marcus Camby, Zach Randolph, Chris Kaman, DeAndre Jordan and Brian Skinner. The team is looking to better balance their roster with Kaman likely the odd man out.

Griffin acknowledged that starting is important to him but he's patient, "That's definitely a goal. It depends where I go and what I'm asked to do but it's definitely a goal."

Blake also recognized that he'll have to learn the NBA Game like any other rookie.

"I'm going to have to adjust in a lot of different ways. Especially last year, I was really one of our leaders. I had the experience of starting and playing a lot of games my freshman year," said Griffin. "I'm just going to try and come in and learn on the fly next year and do as best I can and from there, keep it going."

Griffin's passion for the game hasn't allowed him to become complacent as the consensus number one pick. He's still training hard to prepare for his debut.

"[What] I've been working on the whole time is really just trying to get better and be more prepared," said Griffin. "I've never really looked at it as 'Well I need to get ready for this workout. I gotta get ready for this or that.' I feel like if I improve my game, I'll do better in workouts. I'll do this or that better."

"In my mind, I always have something to prove. I have a lot to prove. There are always people out there saying that I can't do this, I can't do that and in my mind, I want to prove them wrong," he continued. "I work hard because I want to be a great player but I also feel I have something to prove at all times."

So far he hasn't been intimidated by the spotlight.

"I felt like I had my goal and my expectations for myself. People can put whatever else they want on me, I'm going to play my game," Blake answered. "Whether people say I'm supposed to do this or supposed to do that, doesn't make me better or worse. I'm still the exact same player. I'm still going to work the same. It just gives me a little motivation I guess."

In the meantime, he's preparing for life as a rookie, with all its pratfalls. If that means running errands for his veteran teammates, Griffin is game.

"I've called all the local donut shops and made sure they can accommodate my needs," he said jokingly.

The Los Angeles Clippers are coming off a dreadful season but should have Blake Griffin to show for it come Draft night. Whatever moves they make this summer to rebalance the roster, the team is trying to win now.

The franchise expects Baron Davis to have a bounce-back season. General Manager/Coach Mike Dunleavy is demanding his players to for camp in October both in shape and ready to work.

Whether or not winning happens immediately, the Clippers are collecting a bright young core of players including Eric Gordon, Al Thornton, Mike Taylor, DeAndre Jordan and by the end of June . . . Blake Griffin.

Perhaps with Griffin's help, Los Angeles can turn their fate, win now with the veterans that fill the locker room . . . while simultaneously laying the foundation for a bright future.
The Clippers are making all the right moves... They had a good draft with Eric Gordon and Deandre Jordan last year, and they get the #1 player in the draft this year. The year before that they got Al Thornton who gives them a really good small forward who averages 17 a game in his second year.

The past couple of years have been great in terms of drafting talent for them, which is part of the process. They need to get rid of Ricky Davis, Baron Davis, and Marcus Camby and try to get better younger players at guard spots.
Way to be class Blake...pure class. I love that kid.
Camby is a waste of space. no one really needs a "rebounder" who likes the top of the key, slowest developing jumper in the game more than his % would justify.