Cameron Clark update on the Kansas Scout site


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Nov 9, 2008
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The only real nugget of info from it was that Clark said he'd narrow down his list and start taking visits at the end of the summer. Pretty lackluster update really.
And this was a pretty lackluster post really.

My posts are only as good as the info I steal. :)

One more quote from the update that I forgot to mention, was Clark saying that he wanted to play for a school that would let him "play my game". And then he said his game was "shooting, bringing it up the court and playing some in the post." Thought the last part was interesting.

Usually those wing types don't like to post up. I like this kid.
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Sounds like the game of the great ones. Kobe, Lebron, MJ, and Magic. I think just about everyone is going to let him play his game...........except Texas and Kansas.
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It will be good to get him into our elite camp in August and really show him that he is our #1 priority.