Denton AAU Tourney


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Apr 23, 2009
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I thought you all would be interested in an interview with Capel from the tourney posted on

I decided not to go Fri or Sat because a lot of the elite talent that I wanted to see is not playing this weekend. I may go check out the Dallas Mustangs (LeBryan Nash) on Sunday.

Michael Cobbins got injured early Friday morning and didn't play.

Friday's GASO interview is with University of Oklahoma head men's basketball coach Jeff Capel, one of the many coaches in attendance during the tournament's first day.

It's good to see so many coaches come out the first day. What's your experience been like?
"It's been great. It's a great tournament that's very well run with talented teams. Any time you give kids an opportunity to showcase what they can do and to be able to be seen by so many different coaches, that's a positive for our game and these kids. It gives them an opportunity to get scholarships and get their education paid for."

You're not allowed to comment on players, but have you seen any that you like?
"There are some talented players here. Certainly, the state has them, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area has them. This tournament has been so successful for a while, so it's going to attract a lot of really good players from different parts of the country. You certainly see that here, and we're always trying to get talented guys."

I'm hearing this is your first GASO? Is this true?
"This is actually my first. My assistants always covered it, but I felt like I wanted to get down here this year. I'm here the first day, and I'm here all day long. It's very well run, and the people who work it are great. There's some high-level talent here. The games have been on time, and I can appreciate that."

How does the GASO differ from some of the other recruiting opportunities out there?
"It's hard to compare because this isn't a camp setting. This is an actual tournament setting, so these guys are actually with their teams. I always enjoy evaluating guys when they're with their teams. You get to see a little more how things really are and get a better feel for who the kids are. I appreciate that part of it."
Thanks for posting, DFW. I enjoyed the first two days and wish I could have stayed for the back two.

Did you go to the championship games? Would be interested in a report if you went....

I didn't end up going. Texashoops has a write up of the championship game here.