ESPN's new update of Taylor


The Red Wig
Nov 2, 2008
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April, 2009: T.J. is a strong, left-handed scoring point guard with a great feel for the game. He can shoot the 3 and is usually looking to score. At 6-3, 205, he's well put together and is a very physical player. T.J.'s not afraid of contact and can finish through it on his way to the rim. Ball handling and defense are two areas which need improvement. His ball handling is solid but could use some improvement. Also, he should commit himself to being an outstanding on-ball defender. The toughness and athleticism is there, he just needs to make it happen. Overall, T.J. is a legitimate high-major prospect and solid all-around point guard who will fit right in to what head coach Jeff Capel does at Oklahoma. He will provide scoring for the Sooners and will give them added depth at the point guard position with 2009 signee Tommy Mason-Griffin.

I really disagree with the defense comment. Anyone that has followed T.J. Taylor knows that defense might be he strongest aspect of his game. The reporter must have caught him on an off day. ESPN gave him a 94 grade which is higher than I expected....