Nick Sidorakis and Keiton Page


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Nov 8, 2008
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A couple of my favorite Cowpokes right now, I think this picture deserves to be captioned.
Looks like that Tenn player (Maze?) is about to give both nick and keiton swift kicks to the balls.

The no look ball crusher.
Keiton Page can play. He may be small and have less of vertical leap than some other guys but he impressed me last season. He can play basketball at an above average level for D-1 Major Conferences.

I have not seen Sidorakis play much so I really cannot comment on him other than to say it is a major accomplishment to get a scholarship to a Big XII school for any sport.

Sometimes it seems to me there is racism when it comes to white basketball players. From that picture you cannot tell what the situation was. Page could have held his ground to take a charge forcing Maze (if it is Maze) to rotate and look for a pass (most likely a bad pass). Sidorakis could have come over to help. That picture could easily have been taken immediately prior to a poor pass/turn over.

Agreed... Keiton would be in the regular rotation at OU. That kid can shoot the lights out.
Lest we forget, oSu DID win that game with those two guys on the floor. Still shocked that they beat us once. I have a feeling Keiton will be an annoyance for us more than once over the next few years. Hope not, but it'll figure that he'll have great games against us. Just hope we figure out ways to punsih oSu for having small-baller's on the floor.