OU at Houston 6pm 1/20

71-65 win. Houston played aggressive pressure defense and turnovers were a problem as a result..we had 18. But when we didn’t turn it over we got a lot of easy looks and we shot 52%. We played solid defense making them take contested shots and held them to 38% shooting. Vann scored 21 and Verhulst scored 18.

5-1 conference record but the schedule gets tougher the rest of the way. At Texas on Wednesday.
It'll be extremely difficult for us to pull off the upset against UT, they're just too tall and talented, and well coached, IMO. The next two games though, we COULD win, IF we play better than we did at Houston, IMO. Otherwise, we could easily go 0-3, or worse over the next few games. We'll really find out what this staff and team is made of the next few weeks!