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Nov 2, 2008
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The bold part puzzled me. He has the POTENTIAL to be a really good defender in my mind, but I am not ready to call him one at this point.

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Top shooting guards in the nation next year:

1. Willie Warren, Oklahoma- Willie would have been a sure fire lottery pick had he declared for this years draft. He elected to come back and see where his game stacked up without Blake Griffin. He should get more shots and be the focal point of the offense, but he will also be the focal point of the defense. His looks won’t be as good without Blake attracting double teams. That being said, Willie is up to the challenge and will be the best two guard in America next season. He is an outstanding defender, has unlimited range, can take his defender off the bounce, and will be in the running for the Naismith Award.

2. Grievis Vasquez, Maryland- Vasquez is an emotional player and lets everyone on the court ride the roller coaster with him. He is more of a combo guard than a “shooting guard” and has excellent size for the position. Last year he was a little bit inconsistent with his decision making but that figures to improve this season. Vasquez can be streaky at times, but when he’s hot, he’s virtually unstoppable. He has every tangable asset you could ask for in a two guard. Long arms, good height, great court vision, and the ability to score in a variety of fashions. Could be ACC Player of the Year next season.

3. Evan Turner, Ohio St.- Tuner is a very versatile player who can play 3 positions. He averaged over 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists last year. Can those numbers even improve? Turner has an excellent basketball IQ already, can get to the hoop at will, and is always in attack mode. He will be counted on to increase his scoring, and will have the ball in his hands more next season. One of the top prospects in the 2010 draft.

4. Xavier Henry, Kansas- Xavier Henry spurned Kentucky and coach Cal for the chance to play with Sheron Collins and Cole Aldrich. Henry will be the best 3rd option in America and will get plenty of open looks and one on one opportunities. Xavier has an NBA body and will be able to handle the physicality of the Big 12 as a freshman. He can stroke it from deep, and has enormous upside. He should get plenty of chances to prove himself on the National stage early as Kansas has an excellent non-conference TV schedule.

5. Avery Bradley, Texas- Texas loses one outstanding combo guard and replaces him with another. The Longhorns are reloading and AJ Abrams will be a tough act to follow. No one doubts Avery Bradley’s ability to get it done though. He is an excellent scorer who is always trying to get into the paint. He has a reliable jump shot but not the type of range AJ Abrams had. Henry and Bradley will be duking it out all season, and the player who wins Big Twelve Freshman of the Year will have earned it.

6. Jerome Dyson, UConn- Considering the pieces Uconn is losing in Thabeet, Price, and Adrien, role players such as Dyson and Robinson are going to need to step up their scoring output. Last season, when healthy, Dyson played the role of defensive stopper. He is an excellent defender who plays with toughness, hustle, and ability. If he can develop the ability to get his own shots off, and can improve on his jumper, Dyson could emerge as an all-big east type player.

7. Matt Bouldin, Gonzaga- Bouldin was very efficient last season shooting 49% on almost 9.5 attempts. With Pargo, Heytvelt, Downs, and Daye all gone, his attempts and production figure to skyrocket. Boldin does a little bit of everything. He rebounds well for a guard, and looks for his teammates when he has the ball. He’ll need to get a little more selfish this season if Gonzaga is going to have another dynamite year.

8. Jeremy Hazell, Seton Hall- Flew kind of under the radar in the highly competitive Big East last season. That’s tough to do when you average over 22 points per game. He’s going to need to try and make the people around him better this year. He had the ball in his hands a lot for a guy who dished out less than one dime a game. If he can get his teammates involved and shoot the 3 point shot more efficiently, sky’s the limit.

9. Manny Harris, Michigan- Harris’s numbers last season were enormous, averaging almost 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 4.5 assists. Much like Evan Turner, Harris can do a little bit of everything. Coach Belein believes he can be TRUELY special and will be counting on him to help officially turn the program around this season. A combination of Harris and Sims could mean Michigan wins it’s first Big Ten title since… era noone likes to talk about in Ann Arbor.

10. Durand Scott, Miami- Taking over for Jack McClinton is no easy task. Durand Scott may not be as good on day 1 but with time, he’s going to become one of the best to ever where a Hurricanes jersey. He’s a fiery, competitive kid who has improved every year in high school. His jumper has become solid, and his work ethic is out of this world. He needs to work on his handles and become more of a complete guard.
No Anderson? I guess he could be considered a 3?
I would take Cory Higgins (Colorado) over Dyson, Bouldin, and Scott any day. I would take Lace Dunn (Baylor) over all those same guys as well.
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Xavier Henry and Avery Bradley are not the in the top 10 shooting guards. They have not played a second of college ball. This top 10 is way off. I will be shocked if either of them average more than 15 points per game.
Xavier Henry and Avery Bradley are not the in the top 10 shooting guards. They have not played a second of college ball. This top 10 is way off. I will be shocked if either of them average more than 15 points per game.

they both would have been in the top 15 of the nba draft .. and avery bradley will average 15 ppg