Taylor's next step >>> Tulsa World

Best of luck to Taylor. Even if he doesn't catch on in the NBA, he'll still have a degree and an opportunity to make some money overseas. That's more than you can say for most college athletes, isn't it?
“That’s what being at a big university like this is all about,” he said. “It’s about coming in and realizing that everything you’re doing is for a lot bigger cause than yours. You’re trying to leave the program in a better situation than you came in. Everything you do along the way leads up to that.”

Some people live their entire lives and never figure that out.

Good Luck, Taylor! We'll be pulling for you, no matter where you end up.
I'm really going to miss Taylor. I always enjoyed waiting for his one moment in a game where he just got pissed and threw it down like a superstar. Best of luck to him wherever he goes, just hope he comes back to future OU games to be honored at half time.
I'm going to miss Taylor and Blake so much. Very classy young men. I know Mom and Dad are really proud of them. :taylor776: :clap :clap