Tulsa Caravan tonight *request*


The Red Wig
Nov 2, 2008
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I am unable to attend due to the need to watch Blake (and hopefully Taylor) get selected in the NBA draft. I am hopeful that somebody that attends will give us a report on what is said about our team.

MsProud? Anyone?

What time does the draft pregame start? Are they already live on NBA TV?

BTW those caravans are pretty neat. I enjoyed attending them when I was stuck in the armpit of Dallas.
I'll do my best. I'm taping the draft show. (That is an absolute first for me!) Since the speakers at the Caravan probably won't begin until 7:30, it would be neat if they were showing the draft show at the caravan.
Get you an iPhone 3G S, video record the sooner caravan and upload it to Youtube via 3G.

You gotta love Apple.
I was going but unfortunately my AC has went out in my house so I had to stay for the repair man.
Not really a lot to report.

They had a new tent this year! :chestram2:

The OU Club of Tulsa gave out their scholarships and have added a new one - The Wayman Tisdale Memorial Scholarship. They showed an excellent video tribute to Wayman which used one of his songs. It was excellent. I think that Channel 8 created it.

The student athletes in attendance were Amanda Thompson, Tony Crocker and Dominque Franks. Joe C. is a great athletic director but not great at interviewing the kids.

He asked Amanda some innocuous questions when he should have asked her how her foot was!

He asked Tony what they were doing this summer and he said pickup games and teaching the new players what was expected of them. He asked Tony if anyone did impressions of Coach Capel and Tony said 'No.' Tony, if you are reading this, I know that's not true! :D

He told Dom that he'd heard that his mother was a track star back in the day and he wanted to know who would win if they had a race. Dom said that since his mother wasn't there tonight, he would say that he would.

Sherri couldn't be there because she is hosting a 6' 5" recruit in Norman. :woot

Ben Betts spoke for basketball and he did a good job. He didn't really have anything earthshaking to say but he did point out that we lost to the eventual National Champion in the Elite 8 and when it was all said and done, we played them closer than any other team they played in the tournament. He said we want to build on the Elite 8 and go even further in the future.

Coach Stoops was good, as usual. Not as many zingers at OSU or Texas as in the past, though.