Wall making a visit to...Miami??


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Nov 10, 2008
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Okay I admittedly do not follow this recruiting stuff very closely at all. But I was on Rivals tonight and brought up John Wall's page and it has him visiting Miami on 4/24. If that is true, that seems really bizarre and completely out of left field to me.
it may or may not be bizarre, but it isn't out of left field. he's had the visit scheduled for a long time. most of the other schools listed with him are newer to his recruitment than miami is.
John Wall is the only player I've ever seen who's list continues to grow despite the fact that signing day has come and gone. They said during the Jordan Brand Classic that he was listing eight schools. It's also crazy to think he visited Norman last summer. Then again, maybe it's not so crazy.
I thought he was your typical Bryce Brown type, but I came away impressed with him after this interview. He's a real humble guy. I really respect that he's not pursuing the NBA when he can probably make a better case than Maurice Clarrett and get into the draft.

Yup weird deal I could see him play euro ball one year not interested in college
I think I'm in this guys camp now. I don't think he's a better overrall talent than Henry, but I think the hunger and ambition is there. Atleast he's not taking hundreds of basketball glamour shots. Did you guys see the newsOK picture with X taking a Michael Jackson "Off the Wall" photo op? Geesh.