What will 2010-2011 be like if Keith and Willie turn pro?


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Oct 31, 2008
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PG: Tommy Mason-Griffin
SG: Steven Pledger
SG: Ray Willis
PF: Andrew Fitzgerald
C: Orlando Allen

Even with early entries (should Keith and Willie go), OU will field a pretty talented team. It would be tough losing Crocker, Pattillo, Wright, Gallon, and Willie in the same year but I still think OU would put a good team on the floor... Mason-Griffin, Pledger, and Willis would all be great scorers/shooters on the perimeter, while Fitz and Allen would be fine in the post.

Plus, you never know who Capel is going to sign in the 2010 class...

Things look ok, even if worst-case scenario happens.
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I do not think that Gallon will leave after one year