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  • Thanks Ada for all your work. I really enjoy this forum. Ada, Matt practiced his first semester with Buddy and group and practiced all summer this year. thanks again Paul
    A long time member and friend of mine, Paul Armstrong, has forgotten his log on info. he asked me to contact someone and see if they could help him get back on board.
    Ada are you waiting for a thousand posts before starting a new thread? A good time to start would be after the LL series and before the championship series.
    Back for awhile finally. Maybe brought some bad luck!! Lon didnt have this team mentally and physically ready and is to blame. Will not throw it around on the board. Also Jay Wright really showed really horrible sportsmanship. He was up 30 and seemed to not care. If I was OU i would get him on the schedule as soon as possible. He said the right things about Lon all week and showed how much BS it was about. I am not a UNC fan at all but if they win I will be cheering all the way. Great Season and I believe Lon might have really set the fan base back! Hope I am wrong!!!
    I mistakenly posted a tirade on the administration's ignoring the softball team on the men's forum. Would you please move it to the women's forum/ Sorry about that. Thanks.
    Consider a new softball topic post heading. We're at page 3 now and about to start a new season. Good time to begin again. Jack D II (j2d2).
    Ada, the "Register" button seems to be intermittent. I'm haveing trouble telling someone who wants to register how to do so. Cant we put the "Register" button on Permanent display???
    Pritchard was on his visit this weekend. I was told it was an official which would mean he did reclassify although my source wouldn't confirm it. Apparently his parents are buying a house in town. We shall see. I do know for sure that even after he tweeted he was playing his senior year OU was still trying to convince to come to school.

    Ada when can we get an updated roster? Looking at the currently posted one, our glut of guards and 3 forwards looks odd, but we've added a center. I need to see them all listed together.
    Ada, you should look at banning soonerhoops2012, he has cursed God 2 times on the game thread and it REALLY offends me. I cannot stand that and it shouldn't be allowed here
    hi AdaSooner. I may be asking the wrong person but I figured you might point me to the right person. My "keep me logged in" is not working. I know it isn't a big hardship to log in each time but the clever use of "Bold" to let me know what threads have new content doesn't work until after I have logged in and sometime I find no new content.

    Any help appreciated.

    Banjo Charley
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