A heads up ...... The Sporting News Today

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Wow, Two Bits, considering that "The Sporting News" (which BTW has been very much a national sports newspaper for a very, very long time) has been around much longer than SI and for that matter, I dare say, older than any of your oldest relatives (including great grandparents) ... much less you. I'm assuming you must be relatively young to not have heard of it before. It was founded in 1886. Back before the internet, TSN always had much more data (stories and stats) per issue than SI, but then TSN was more of a newpaper rather than a magazine.

If you are getting it for free, you'd be wise to let sleeping dogs lie!
Uhhhh Suzie, I subscribed to The Sporting News in 1972, that was a weekly publication filled with baseball stats unavailable from any other source in that era.

This is not the same.

Maybe you should look closer before you show your ignorance and your back side.
This is a premium site with access unavailable except to subscribers.

Its a free subscription.

Subscribe, you will enjoy this daily publication.

And now I'm sorry I mentioned it.



down the right side , there's a box that says " Sporting News Today " , and headline reading " who influenced Henderson " , then at the bottom of the tease paragraph, it says " subscribe to SNT for free " .

Its a good thing, do it.
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i used to sub to the Sporting News as a kid. good publication back then.
And it's twobits and Suzie going a full ten rounds with water balloons.
I have noticed that recently The Sporting News dropped the "the" from their name. The unwieldy name "Sporting News" will surely allow the publication to recapture it's former glory.