All time Big XII Ugly Team

Nov 30, 2008
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Slow time of year so let us make fun of others in order to pass the time:

3: Julius Michalik
2: Jerad Haase
5: Esmir Rizvic
4: Gabe Muenneke
1: Jacque Vaughn

Player/Coach: Renzi Stone

Who you guys got?
Big Country
Big Dady
Randy Rutherford
Moe Baker
Keiton Page
Second team

Alex Webber
Andre Williams
Obi Muenelo
Joe Adkins
Doug Gottlieb
:eddie187_jpg_xs: Coach
:ford Assistant
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If you dont mind I have to list a Big 8 player...Paul Mokeski.
Third Team

Greg Ostertag
Eric Chenowith
Nick Hinrich (combination of both)
Jacque Vaughn
Jeff Boschee
Renzi Stone?

It starts and ends with Big Country. I will throw in Keiton Page as well
I can't believe I forgot some of the guys that have been mentioned. OSU has a starting five that could rival any ugly five in the history of hoop.

BigTime, yes Renzi. No matter the names anybody throws out Renzi is my player/coach (just like in the mid 80s NBA). I never said ugly had to be outer appearence. Dude has a black heart
If you dont mind I have to list a Big 8 player...Paul Mokeski.

He had a teammate who turned stomachs - Donnie Von Moore.

Reeves does earn mention from the later days of the Big 8. So does Sam "Dumbo" Hill from Iowa State.

If you went non-conference, the saddest case was a kid from San Diego State, circa 1996. Big white kid from there with the worse acne-scaring I'd ever seen. Folks out here nicknamed him the Toxic Avenger.
Can I suit my OSU starting 5 up in the 1989 Orange Leotard outfits?