Dwayne Wade cross over.


Nov 13, 2008
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Did you see that filthy cross over Wade had late in the game today?

The Cavs Heat series is going to be of epic proportions.

I'm not sure that when healthy D-Wade is not the best player on every court he has ever stepped on in his life.

Did Wade play against Jordan in his prime back in Chi-town playmakr?
I think that Wade would be too young to have been at his best IF he ever played against MJ. Go over to the Insider LNC board and see the ignorant posts in the NBA thread.... I just left them some flamebait.:ez-laugh::ez-laugh:
Boca Flash is only a year older than me so he would have been barely in high school or just into high school for the last 3 titles of MJ's prime. He graduated from Richard's High in Oak Lawn in 2000. I know they have played some together in games since then but that has been long since MJ was retired and certainly after his prime.

But you are right, it seems like every time he steps on the floor, he is the best player. It's been that way since he grew a bunch after his sophomore year of high school.
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Wade has improved. He and Lebron have seperated themselves from the rest of the players on earth since the Olympics.