For fun, the All-Villains team, from an OU fan standpoint


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Nov 11, 2008
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You can take this as far back as you'd like, and it can be that you hated an opposing player or coach because either they lit it up against OU or just because they're not likeable.

And one rule I have on this post is that only people from opposing programs can be listed (so if you hated an OU player with an attitude you didn't like, save it).

You can have more than five, too, if you want....

G - Mark Turgeon, KU (more because of his attitude than his on-court accomplishments)
G - Jason Sutherland, MU (enough said)
G - Randy Wright, OSU (only played well against OU and Raymond Whitley; stunk against everyone else)
G - Victor Wililams, OSU (likely an Aggie icon because, although he was good, he saved the best for us)
F - Gabe Muoneke, UT (see Sutherland)
F - Rodell Guest, CU (wanted to fight the '88 team over their attempts to reach 100 points in the Big 8 tourney)
F - Curtis Redding, KSU (hot-head from Brooklyn, circa 1977)
C - Dexter Pittman, UT (just because....)
MVVP - Danny Manning, KU (totally just because, and also because he was part of those teams that seemed to promote themselves as being morally superior - especially to OU, the epitome of all evil in the Big 8 days)


1A - Bobby Knight, TT (no explanation needed)
1B - Larry Brown, KU (seemed to like building his rep on having guys who "didn't look like players" - think pigmentationally challenged; and also didn't seem to mind the label of his program as being more morally upright than others)
1C - Eddie Sutton, OSU (just for being the State's media darling, despite some obvious baggage from his Kentucky days).
I loathed Jason Sutherland, but feared him at the same time. Dude always gave his 100% on the floor.
Ah yes, Curtis Redding!! He was the first player I had ever seen taunt and laugh at the crowd. Especially students. His senior year being introduced before the K.U.- K.S.U. game at Lawrence, the jayhawk students threw hotdogs onto the floor. Those were the days!!!!!
F- Ivan McFarland (OSU) seemed like he was there forever
F- Brandon Mouton (Texas) don't know why....
C- Brad Buckman (Texas) If I have to hear about his dad rooming with Tom Kite I will go insane
Klontz from Tejas. Wasn't he a douche or am I mistaken?

I remember my dad yelling "Potter, YOU'RE A THUG!!!" at John Potter from OSU. He set one of the nastiest and most illegal screens I have ever seen. Almost started a brawl.

Is Johnny Pittman of OSU Dexter's daddy? Didn't Johnny shoot the finger to the OU crowd once? He was always heckled because a 7 year old girl was a better free throw shooter than he was...
Derek Grimm from MU. He was plenty dirty most games, but I remember a pretty vicious elbow he threw to the face of Corey Brewer
Derek Grimm from MU. He was plenty dirty most games, but I remember a pretty vicious elbow he threw to the face of Corey Brewer

he's always the most overlooked. like you said, left brewer laying in a puddle of blood in the lane.
G-Gerry McNamara
G-AJ Abrams
G-Doug Gotlieb(the player, not the analyst)
G-Tom Coverdale
F-Carmelo Anthony
F-Montanadi(I think thats it, he was a poke, and i know he was on the team we beat to close the old gallagher-Iba)
F-Danny freaking Manning
F-There was a 6-10 white guy at texas that was a solid from 3, he was goofy looking and always lit us up? I've been studying pathology all day, and am mentally fried.
My two are James, for obvious reasons, and Victor Williams. I still don't think he beat the shot clock.
Here are they guys that pissed me off. OSU point guards always make me sick for some reason.

1st team
G Doug Gottlieb - OSU
G John Lucas - OSU
F Daniel Hackett - USC
F Michael Beasley - KSU
F Marcus Dove - OSU

2nd team
G Byron Eaton - OSU
G TJ Ford - Texas
G OJ Mayo - USC
F Bryan Davis - Texas A&M
F Gabe Moeneke - Texas
Greg Swaim

edit: and Norm Stewart. Sit down, Norm.
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That would be Ed "Hair piece" Hightower to you. Gabe Moeneke was also in a class of his own. I really think that this kid thought he was the greatest basketball player to play the game. I would really like to know what he is doing now. BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!
probably not a bad guy in the real world, but Roosevelt Chapman. :mad: