Fraschilla's take on WW from LBJ Skills Academy


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Dec 28, 2008
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More of the same, but I thought it was worth posting...

Willie Warren, PG, Oklahoma
He's built like a linebacker (and almost broke my rims in a defensive drill), but is a terrific NBA point guard prospect who didn't force a shot all week and made most of them anyway. And the way he made the game easy for his teammates showed me that he is definitely ready to step into a leadership role for coach Jeff Capel now that Blake Griffin is off to the NBA.

Here is the link if you want to read the rest...
If Fran says Willie is an NBA point guard then I believe him. He knows the game.
Phooey on Draft Express.
Fran does a nice job of selling the conference on ESPN, but as an announcer i have a pet peeve that he uncritically always sides with the officials. they always make "the right call" even if it leads him into inconsistency with his game comments or even if the replay shows otherwise. then, he'll say: "i like what the officials are doing here, taking control of the game and sending a message..." or something that seems a bit disingenuous instead of just saying the wrong call was made.
I have liked Fran for a while now. Its great to hear him say such things about Willie. Certainly makes it tougher to wait for the next season to start! I can't wait!
Fran is a really nice guy. I was courtside for a game this year and I told my dad I was sitting next to him. He hears that, grabs my phone and talks to my dad for 30 seconds.

He also hasn't seen a foreign player he does not like on draft night either.
Fran's a hell of alot better than Dickie V, Jay Bilas, or Jimmy Dike.
Fran is good. This how I rate the announcers off the top of my head:

Great: Clark Kellogg; Len Elmore; Dan Bonner; Gus Johnson; Bill Rafferty

Good: Fraschilla; Franklin; Lundquist; Nessler; Gottlieb; Bilas; Brando

Tools: Vitale; Musberger; Haller; Spittorf; Jimmy Dykes

Super Tools: Packer; Stephen Bardo