Is this really a weak draft?


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Oct 31, 2008
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I keep hearing all of this talk about how weak this years NBA draft is, but it doesnt seem all that weak to me.

Blake Griffin
Hasheem Thabeet
Johnny Flynn (best point guard in college basketball)
Ricky Rubio (best international point guard)
Tyreke Evans
Gerald Henderson
Brandon Jennings
Demar Derozan
James Harden
Ty Lawson
Wayne Ellington
Jordan Hill
Steph Curry
Greg Monroe

This seems like a really solid lottery... Some great point guards available (Rubio, Flynn, Lawson, Jennings, and Curry), a couple of great post guys (Griffin, Hill, and Thabeet), a couple of big time wing prospects in Derozan and Harden, and then some good pro shooting guards in Henderson, Evans, and Ellington.

The top 5 taken in 2006 were Lamarcus Aldridge, Andrea Bargnani, Adam Morrison, Tyrus Thomas, and Shelden Williams. Hell, JJ Reddick, Thabo Sefolosha, Hilton Armstrong, Saer Sene, Patrick Obryant, and Ronnie Brewer went in the lottery that year.

In 2007 the top 5 were Greg Oden, Kevin Durant, Al Horford, Mike Conley, and Jeff Green. Acie Law, Thad Young, Julian Wright, Yi Jianlian, Joakim Noah, and Brandon Wright all went in the lottery that year.

I don't see how this draft is any weaker than 2002, 2005, 2006, or 2007. It is probably better than those years.

Sure, its not as strong as 2008, 2004, or 2003 but it seems like a pretty good draft.
It's a good guard draft, especially PGs. Overall though I wouldn't say it's very strong top to bottom.
06. Some of the top guys in that draft have didn't even get extensions.
I keep hearing all of this talk about how weak this years NBA draft is, but it doesnt seem all that weak to me.

Agreed :clap , especially given all the guys that are leaving early thanks to the continued..."this is a weak draft" sentiment being thrown out there. I think it seems a little weaker from 5-20 than most, but a little deeper into the second than most. Looking ahead...I'm not sure next year's draft will be any better.
It's weak draft because there are no potential gamebreakers besides Griffin, Derozan and possibly Jennings. The point guards like Flynn, Lawson, etc. are great in college...but don't really have that great of a chance being standouts in the NBA.

Monroe is going back to Georgetown. Evans isn't a true PG, same with Curry. Ellington isn't a versatile SG at all. Harden is hasty, but plays more of the 3, then the 2 and will struggle for seperation and the speed of the NBA. Thabeet was an offensive liability in college, it will only garner more in the NBA.
I am not overwhelmed after Blake, but I think it is a solid class. I like Evans, Rubio, and Thabeet but I am not sure any of the rest of the guys will have a big impact the next couple of years. I like Hardens game, especially defensively and I like Henderson even though he is a Dookie.
No stars, but you might end up with 30 plus multiple year NBA guys.
I wouldn't say great, because I think some guys will spend time on injured reserve or the DLeague for a year or so, but if you look at a guy like Hansborough, who is projected at the end of the first, I believe he'll have a Najera like career. There are also some quality second round guys like brockman, Rice, Lyons, Carroll, and Heysvelt who have some potential to be on rosters. Also, in my opinion, there's not alot of difference between late round guys like Patty Mills, Jeff Teague, and Gani Lawal, than there is from Maynor, Gerald Hendeson, and James Johnson. I think this is why WW came back. Sure he was projected at 7, but if one team prefered Evans over him, he could slide down to mid twenties.
Yes it is a weak draft. Weak b/c of overall talent at the top. Weak b/c of depth.