Jarrid Famous (Mizzou Commit)


The Red Wig
Nov 2, 2008
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Looks like he is going to visit Sean Miller and the Arizona Wildcats this weekend. He chose Mizzou over Xavier (Miller's old squad). Word on the national boards is that he will most likely be going to UA.

That would be a tough break for Mizzou and probably allow OSU and maybe A&M to leap 'em.
He averaged about 30 in Juco.

He is going to be an instant starter at either school and a big impact player imo. Mizzou could really use him, and I hope he turns down the cats.
I saw that he is going to visit UA, which should worry any MU fan. Mizzou could really use him in next year, but I will be surprised if he doesnt go to UA.
Mizzou has been a program that has never recruited on a high level. One problem is that St. Louis is a shrinking city and poverty and crime has diminished the talent. OKC probably has had better basketball talent lately than St. Louis. Add to that, Anderson is not a great recruiter and doesn't have a great recruiting staff.
Abd, I probably made your heart skip a few beats (among other things) when you read my thread title. :ez-laugh:
I managed to capture abd's initial reaction to the thread title:

And then when he came to the realization that my title was misinformed, and furthermore, than Famous will most likely be a cat:

Why don't we get him? Now that Orten is out.
I'm hoping to see a sentence with this lineup: Warren, Tiny, Crock, Famous...

and then you can hope, if you're a junior high guy, that someone slips in a 's

And then when Willie teabags Xavier, it will be all so familiar, not a stale leftover from tax day.