Luke Cothron ESPN update


The Red Wig
Nov 2, 2008
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May, 2009: The Alabama native who has taken his game the prep school route has continued to improve his game in the low post. He is a long armed shot blocker with great patience and timing that alters more shots than he blocks. He has the ability to put up big numbers in both points and rebounds scoring off the post feed or getting his own on the offensive glass. Cothron does a nice job fighting for low post position; once he catches he can score going left or right shoulder. When teams doubled down he understands how to pass out of the post diagonally or block to block. He gets out on the break and consistently beat his man down the floor; his lateral quickness is good enough to guard a face up 4-man, but he is most effective defending around the basket. He has a quiet toughness about him and does not mind playing the role of the enforcer.

It would be really something if Capel could get him here....