New PG Prospect?

Boomer Sooner

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Nov 22, 2008
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James did an article on Jelani Hewitt.

He doesn't really have anything on his rivals page.

Says he isn't a SG and will be a PG in college. Scout has him as a SG. He is big listed at 6'2-6'4 on different sites so it wouldn't be a mismatch with him and TMG on the floor at the same time. The problem is we already have TJ in the 2010 class that can do the same thing.

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I like his game better than TJ's.

uh, no. He elevates about 5inches on his jumpshot, is not quick, doesn't have TJ's, stregnth with the drive, doesn't seem very athletic, and really doesn't blow you over with anything that will cause any type of defensive problems. The competition he was playing against looked worse than the guys on the pledger film. PG is the only position I see him being able to maybe play.
Yeah, I'm not impressed with this guy. And certainly not more impressed than I am with TJ.
Sounds like a back-up type option that Cline and Capel are keeping a close eye on....