One-handed center gets D-1 scholarship


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Oct 23, 2008
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You can't help but cheer for a kid with one hand who is good enough to get a basketball scholarship to any school. There's a pic of him on the link below. I hope he does well! :clap

NEW YORK -- Kevin Laue knows what would happen if a college basketball team took a chance on him and he didn't pan out. Fans would wonder what the coach was thinking in using a scholarship on a center missing his left hand.

"It's a business," the 6-foot-10 Laue said. "Their jobs are all on the line. It's much safer to take a two-handed guy my size that got beat by me."

But Manhattan College's Barry Rohrssen figures coaches take chances all the time. He'd rather take one on Laue, whose left arm ends just past the elbow. So last week, the Division I school signed the center, and Rohrssen is confident his work ethic will rub off on other players.
That is a great story. You have to be inspired by that kid.