Question about professional basketball in foreign countries


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Oct 23, 2008
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If you wanted to extend your basketball career after college but couldn't make it to the NBA, which foreign country would you choose to play professionally? Spain, Australia and Italy are usually popular choices. But what about some of the lesser-known countries in South America and other parts of the globe, such as Switzerland? I didn't know the Swiss had a professional league until a few days ago.
The only South American league I can remember is in argentina.
Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil all have leagues. Now, you don't always get paid on time in South America...haha.

Spain or Greece for sure would be my choice. There are basketball leagues in virtually every European nation, from Finland to Italy and Spain to Russia.
I happened to know someone who is considering Switzerland as an option and wondering if anybody knows anything about the league and the playing conditions?
My top 3 places would be Spain, Greece, and Germany.
Thabo is from Switzerland .. I haven't heard much about their bball leagues or talent, but Thabo was a star there in the Swiss's highest level league before he was 18.

Once turning 18, he left for France to challenge himself. I'm just assuming based on what I've read on him, but the Swiss league is for up-and-comers to get noticed and then move on to better competition in other countries. Or, it's probably journeyman types that are just happy to still be paid for playing.
I played in Switzerland after my SR year in HS in a Nike tournament. There isn't much talent there at all.

Typically, when playing overseas it is dictated by talent level. If you are a lower level talent you can play in pro leagues in Germany, Poland, Norway, and even other countries in Eastern Europe. Spain, Greece, and Italy don't have a whole lot for lower leagues, they are the big time in Euro Ball. Australia is another place to play and they have pretty good comp as well.

I know a guy who was a pretty good NAIA player, not great, and he has been playing in a level 3 league in Germany making about 40K (Euros) per year. Not bad for 6 months work but they work you to death there in terms of practice and team demands.
one of my dad's buddies from my youth (i don't remember his last name) played for K-State in the mid-late 60's and was a decent player. but, unusual for the time, then played in Italy for 5-6 years. made some money, and put himself through law school and made it with italian babes, traveled the country and ate like a king. that always sounded pretty cool to me. i don't know if this guy still practices law in OKC.

they used to hoop together around the bigboy OKC area pick up games when i was a kid. played against Tommy Griffin, my dad says.