This Kentucky-Memphis-Calipari drama is really getting good


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Nov 9, 2008
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Memphis got a commit today from top 10 prospect Will Barton, who was thought to be a Kentucky lock. But Memphis also is offering his brother, a 3-star junior to close the deal. But this is where it gets good.

Apparently when Barton was asked if he was worried about upcoming sanctions at Memphis and why he would go there, he was quoted as saying that Memphis coach Josh Pastner, who was an assistant under Cal last year, told him the NCAA was investigating Calipari, not Memphis. :ez-laugh:

Calipari is currently out of the country vacationing or doing some sort of basketball clinic, but when he gets back it's going to be awesome to watch this unfold.

Of course, the Kentucky message board is in the early stages of a full-fledged meltdown. Enjoy...............
Yep, a good rivalry in the brewing. I love it!
College hoops needs more of them. Get out the gloves boys.
Yeah, Cal is in China on his quest to sign the first Chinese college basketball superstar.

Will Barton to Memphis is huge, and may have some bad ramifications for OU. This means that Cam Clark starts to get recruited a little bit harder. UK is under the delusion that they lead for Harrison Barnes so maybe that will keep Clark off the radar a bit. Their is going to be huge recruiting Drama between UK, Memphis, and Kansas over the next few years.
You ought to see the gawks and the UK fans duking it out on the national boards. It is pure comedy. :) Arrogance has got to give somewhere between those to groups.
No wonder Memphis go Barton, they offered his sucky brother a scholarship.
No wonder Memphis go Barton, they offered his sucky brother a scholarship.

I'd have done the same thing if I was Memphis. They have the ships to give and Pastner needed to land his first bigtime recruit to stop the bleeding.

KU & Kentucky would be an unbelievable final this year. Wowzer!