Top improved players from last year...


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Oct 31, 2008
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Which players who didnt make a big splash last year will come back this year and make big improvement.... They werent household names (to Big 12 fans) last year, but they will be this year..

1.) Toney Mccray 6'6'' 205 (Nebraska)- He played behind Ade Dagundoro last year as a redshirt freshman, but Doc and Fran are really excited about this guard out of Houston. He averaged 5.7 points and 2.8 rebounds per game and was named Big 12 Rookie of the Week twice last year (after a 17 point game against Baylor and a 17 point and 9 rebound game over San Jose State)... He should be a really good player for them next year...

2.) Justin Safford (6'8'' 230) and Laurence Bowers (6'8'' 205)- MIZZOU
-Safford and Bowers came off the bench behind two really good senior players last year (Lyons and Carrolle)... These guys will probably be starting this year and will improve production dramatically. Safford hit 65% of his 3pt shots last year and produced every time he was on the court.... Bowers led Mizzou in blocks and rebounds per minute last year and is easily one of the most athletic players in the conference. Both of these guys produced at a high level when they got extended minutes.

3.) Robert Lewandowski (6'10'' 240) TEXAS TECH
-Averaged 7 points and 4 rebounds per game as a true freshman. Led Tech in blocked shots. He is skilled and fundamentally sound at 6'10'' and should come back as one of their better players this year. He only averaged 16 minutes per game, but should play around 25-30 minutes per game this year and will see his product improve dramatically.

4.) Jamar Samuels (6'7'' 215) KANSAS STATE
-Averaged 8 points and 5 rebounds per game as a redshirt freshman last year. Led Kansas State in blocked shots and averaged over 2 offensive rebounds per game. Only started 2 games last year but should be a starter in the paint for KSU.

5.) Orlando Allen (6'11'' 265) OKLAHOMA
-Orlando played behind Blake Griffin, Taylor Griffin, Juan Pattillo, and Ryan Wright last year. He seemed to pass Wright at the end of the year and Blake, Taylor, and Juan are all gone from this years squad. He only averaged 1.8 points and 0.8 rebounds per game last year, but a new frontcourt and a great work ethic might put Orlando in the starting lineup and he could more than triple his averages. He wont turn into a great player, but at 6'11'' 265 he could be the defensive and rebounding presence that OU needs him to be.
I think the good morris twin will be one of them.
I think the good morris twin will be one of them.

I thought about it.. but I dont know how much his numbers will improve playing with Aldrich, Collins, Henry, and Taylor.
I might actually put Big O in the top 3, based on the excitement I have heard about him. However, since it is a bit of an unknown, five seems just fine.