What are you drinking?

Summer: Vodka and cranberry juice. Reyka Icelandic Vodka or Dixie Southern Vodka.

Winter: Rum and coke

On Occasion: Slow sipping bourbon

Special Occasion: Make my own margaritas with fresh limes and good tequila

Favorite Juice: Orange

Favorite Soda: Pepsi

Preferred Energy Drink: Mt. Dew Kickstart

Summer- Mexican mules

Winter- whiskey & Diet Coke

Occasional- peach & rum

Special occasions- sangria

Soda- sprite

Caffeine- black coffee

Normally- water
Go to: rotation of local beers. Really like Stone Cloud's Lagaritaville for a light refreshing beer and Coops f5 for something more heavy

I don't really drink pop but it would be Dr. Pepper

Winter: Lagavulin 16

Special Occasion: Maybe a Port & cigar

Energy Drink: Bing Peach Mango
Good thread finally....where we can all come together:D

I'm a bourbon drinker.....typically Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek Rye, and/or Jeffersons. If I can find Blanton's....I will buy it in a heartbeat, but it is quite hard to come by these days.

I'm also a fan of a really good craft with moderate hops...but usually limit it to one or two.....way too many calories for an older guy.

I like a good vodka (Belvedere, Ketel One) on occasion as well. I stay away from rum and tequila....too many bad experiences in my former life.;)
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