2010 Dallas/FTW metroplex hoops rankings


The Red Wig
Nov 2, 2008
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Note: This is only for the Dallas metroplex area....so no Tobi.

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Class of 2010 Rankings

Rank Name Height School College
1 Cameron Clark 6'6 Sherman
2 Perry Jones 6'9 Duncanville BAYLOR
3 T.J. Taylor 6'4 Denison OKLAHOMA
4 Phil Pressey 5'8 ESD
5 Julian Washburn 6'7 Duncanville
6 K.C. Ross-Miller 6'2 God's Academy
7 Ricky Scott 6'2 Irving Mac Arthur
8 Dre Evans 5'10 Carter
9 John Bohannon 6'9 Lancaster
10 Nick Hinton 6'9 Frisco Wakeland
11 Jamison Stern 5'10 Duncanville
12 Tre Lynch 6'2 Lancaster
13 Michael Kyser 6'8 Lancaster
14 Bakari Turner 6'1 Plano West BAYLOR
15 Jackson Jeffcoat 6'5 Plano West
16 Josh Bauer 6'6 Jesuit
17 Titus Rubbles 6'7 God's Academy
18 Sheldon Earl 6'0 Lancaster
19 David Kates 6'4 Kimball
20 Tanner Milson 6'0 Cedar Hill
That is crazy they consider Sherman and Denison the DFW metroplex
You're right pillman. Sherman and Denison are considered the Texhoma region. BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!
Dre Evan is a real sleeper on that list. He's alot like Ray Penn. I would definetely rank hilm and Turner above Ross Miller.
How bout Pressey being top 30 on the new scout rankings and Taylor not ranked, and then Taylor being ranked ahead of him on the local rankings?
It's hard for Scouts or Rivals to rank someone they never saw play.