August scouting report on Cam Clark


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Nov 2, 2008
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August, 2009: This long armed athletic wing excels in transition with above the rim finishes and floaters in the lane. Clark has excellent touch and concentration on the rim and elevates over opponents using his great length. In the half court he scores mostly on slashes to the rim in between defenders with a quick first step. Clark is a good ball handler and likes to use his right to left crossover that leads into a pull up jumper. His middle game is a great weapon as he bounces into one or two dribble pull ups with a smooth release and follow through. Clark did not show a jumper from beyond the arc because he seemed to get to the rim or make a play in the lane at will. He is a good defensive rebounder that can start the break or he will outlet and sprint the outside lane. Clark is extremely athletic and has the potential to be a multiple position defender. Clark is an exciting perimeter player that can provide highlights we he sees a clear path to the rim.
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First school he mentioned when asked about his list was Oklahoma. He's done that several times now. Hopefully that means something.
Seems like a great kid. I love that he puts a lot of importance on education.