Blake vs Thabeet...


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Nov 4, 2008
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At the half Blake has 12 and 11 vs Thabeet who has 4 and 1. Blake looks like an All Star already and Thabeet looks like a MAJOR project.
Where are you watching that, Grace?
I am glad the Thunder didn't take Thabeet. He is a waste of money and time. He will be out in 3 or less years. Why would anyone take him in the top 10?
My goodness he looked amazing in the game. I love all the naysayers that say he has no range. Not one Thabeet highlight to be found.....shocker
Tweets from ESPN during the game:

*Griffin is not really sure about what to do in the post. Like most young players, he lacks both a plan and a purpose.

*But his shot has greatly improved already. As has his ball handling. Dude has been working.

*Griffin got blocked by Stiesma. Tweetworthy why? No one has ever written that sentence before.

*But then Blake had the tip dunk of the week. Sportscenter stuff.

*Griffin has 8 and 10 in 16 mins. Thabeet has 2 and 1 in 13. That's why some people thought it was a 1 player draft.

*If doctors switched their hearts, Thabeet would be a hall of fame certainty, and Griffin would be a junior in college somewhere studying.

*If I was a Memphis coach, I'd play highlights of Joakim Noah racing the floor on Hasheem's ipod all day and night.

*Thabeet at 4 and 3 in 23 mins.

*Blake is competing like it's the NBA Finals. Clips fans, rejoice!!

*The Clips provided the highlights. But Coach Joerger is leading the Griz one again. They are sharp at every position. Save one.

*One strong defense of Thabeet. He is still a young big, and he'll no doubt develop a ton. But I do wish he'd compete with purpose.

*Blake does an expert job of lowering his hips on dribble drives.

*Clipper Darrell is here screaming "MVP...MVP"!!! Awesome.

*Thabeet just hit his first shot, with less than a minute left. A sweet jumper.
NBA TV is starting to replay the games. Its my guess most of these will be televised soon.