Can you dunk?


Nov 10, 2008
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If not now, have you ever?

I'm thinking about getting those 'Jump' shoes to beef up the calves. I figure I need another 6" on the vertical to dunk with any consistency. Right now I'm about 1 out of 10 with a mini-ball.
no. never. but i can still rain the 3 ball in my late 30's.
I think the better posed question for this group is: Can you get net?
I'm thinking of playing standing on top of my Honda. Then I can dunk.
After years of trying and never even being able to touch the rim, I went out the other day after not having played basketball in 4 or 5 months and went up and touched the rim.

It was weird. And of course nobody was around to see me. Haven't done it since.
Could dunk a mini-ball from 19-24 yrs old.. just couldn't grip a men's or women's bball.

Now just happy to grab rim. I still do a lot of one-legged jump roping. It's been know to help the vert.
Yes...but only if I have nothing to do the next day, kills the knee.
dunked pretty regularly in high school. But the last time I did was in my early 20's. I'm 6'3" and 40 years old and still play pick-up ball 4 times per week. Now, I get dunked on regularly but my game is picks, rolls, pulling the chair, multiple pump fakes, 3's and using my forearm (a skill I learned at basketball camp in DC from Adrian Dantley) to keep defenders from exposing my multiple athletic weaknesses.
I could in high school, but now I can barely touch rim.

If you want to improve your vertical do plyometrics.

But I can't really do it in "games" anymore with any sort of traffic. Multiple knee surgeries really take away from getting off the ground.

Now, I can still beat thebigabd in a 3 point contest.
10 years ago I could dunk with ease. Now I am like Woody Harrelson in White Men Cant Jump. I can do it, but only if the conditions are right.
my senior year of high school i could barely dunk, in college i got to where i could dunk with 2 hands, and now i'm too old and fat, lol
could dunk at 16-17 ... again at 22-24 ... but not since i am 30 can still grab the rim ..
Not now. Use to be able to throw down a volleyball. Small hands
I could still grab the rim and hold on at 40, but I was never able to dunk a basketball at any age. My hands were too small to grip the ball. I would need to stand on a step ladder to touch the net now. lol
Still dunking at 33, but like Play my days of dunking in traffic are over...

I still enjoy the layup line though...