Clark tidbit from rivals


The Red Wig
Nov 2, 2008
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"We haven't really entertained that yet," he said. "It's still early. Some colleges are trying to rush and see what's what, but the recruiting is still open. We've still got goals to reach. Cameron definitely wants to become a McDonald's All-American. We are just looking to get the summer over with.

"Once the summer is over with, we will sit down as a family and we will probably put 20 schools down on paper and then just start going from there," he added. "We want to talk to academic advisors, counselors and stuff like that, from schools that we do put on paper. Education is the first thing we are looking at and whatever school we decide on, that's going to play a big role. We are going to look at the number of seniors that graduated and got degrees. It's not about basketball with us."

Sounds like it may be drawn out longer than any Sooner fans would like it to be. Let's hope he feels real good about OU after the August elite camp.
Couldn't this possibely work in our favor in the fact that other schools like KU and Kentucky have other big time wings they are recruting placing him more on a back burner in favor of a Harrison Barnes type which if Cam waits then those places might not as nice or even still have the offer? Just speculation on my part and I just hope it doesn't turn out like Jai Lucas part two.
I would suspect like the Jai Lucas situation, Capel for better or worse would save a ship for Cameron to the end.