Damion James entering draft without agent

He'll be back at UT by the withdrawal deadline like Abrams was last year. He is a very good college player, but hasn't shown he's ready for the next level or if he ever will be. He'll take the time to talk with scouts and evaluators who know what he needs to improve to be drafted next year.

This is not a Sooner downplaying a decommit. I wanted him on my team and I still do. It may just be a case of a very good college player whose game doesn't translate to the NBA. I wish it did. He would be gone by now.
ive thought from the start that DJ may be one of those guys that just belongs in the NBA. im not saying he'll be an all-star or anything like that, but some players just dont put it all together in college for whatever reasons (minutes, sharing, coach, style of play, etc.) and seem to fit right in with the NBA.

i think he'll be one of those guys and certainly hope he fully declares for the draft.
NBADraft.net has him going 24th right now. I bet he comes back.
If he is 24th in a weak draft, what would make him think that coming back would make a big difference in draft position? The NBA draft is not like the NFL draft. A few spots in either direction is not a huge dollar swing.
oh god please leave. seeing your beard in a can face makes me sick. After you and scottie are graduated and gone it ll be a nice day.

I think this year or next hes looking at the same draft position, like people said in the 20s at best. Probably incentive to leave (but i dont think he will).
He's not coming back...he and Barnes aren't on the same page with regard to his position or his ability to follow direction. I think the damage has been done.
He wants to be a wing, but his rebounding is too valuable and his shooting is too poor.
It would be a shame if he goes. He's simply not ready for the league. The night in night out players will chew him up quickly. BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!