Follow-up: DA not pursing woman's charges against Pitino


Nov 11, 2008
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ESPN said:
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A prosecutor is declining to pursue a complaint filed with police by a woman embroiled in an alleged extortion attempt involving Louisville coach Rick Pitino.

Jefferson County Commonwealth's Attorney David Stengel said Wednesday the complaint is "void of credibility." The complaint was filed with the Louisville police department's sex-offense unit.

The complaint was filed by Karen Cunagin Sypher, who is facing federal charges of trying to extort Pitino.

Sypher has pleaded not guilty to trying to extort money from Pitino and lying to the FBI.

"Coach Pitino has denied the accusations made against him. In our eyes, he did not need to take a polygraph exam because we believe him," Louisville vice president and athletic director Tom Jurich said. "However, we're glad he did so he could refute the allegations, recognizing that they come from a person who is facing federal charges which include not being truthful. "

Wednesday, after Stengel said the complaint would not be pursued, Jurich added "The decision of the Commonwealth's Attorney confirms what we've known all along."

Here's the source:

It looks like Pitino is still pursuing his allegations against the woman though.

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