If the Clippers sign Allen Iverson...


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Nov 9, 2008
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...do you think it would help or hurt that team right now? Why? Also, how do you think it would impact Blake Griffin?
I think at this point in his career, his talent doesn't make up for the problems it will cause on your team.
There's no doubt in my mind it would hurt. He hurt the Nuggets and Karl was glad to get rid of him. Then he hurt the Pistons. I hope he doesnt become a Clipper because not only would he make it impossible for the Clippers to make the playoffs, but he would take shots away from Blake.

They already have Baron Davis, Ricky Davis, Eric Gordon and Quinten Richardson. Adding Iverson would give them 5 guards that like to jack up a ton of shots. Not good for Blake Griffin.
What you're missing here is that the Clippers are trying to do anything they can to sell some more tickets in a Lakers town.
Get rid of Baron Davis and Allen Iverson. That would fix your problem. You won't be good, but expiring contracts in a few years can free up some cap room.
The situation is not ideal for Blake. However, that is usually the case for the No. 1 draft pick. With the fight, knowledge and motivation Blake has, he should be okay. He will find his place in the NBA.
Iverson is a warrior and gets a bad rap IMO. The guy has never been in any trouble and plays harder than anybody in the league. He is fearless.

Iverson is still considered a "thug" for being at the wrong place at the wrong time in HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!.

If he agrees in advance to come off the bench to lead the 2nd unit he would be a great signing.
I would want AI on the team. I think he is starting to understand that he is going to play a different role now in the NBA.