K-State may get Freddy Asprilla from Florida International


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Oct 31, 2008
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Freddy Asprilla (6'11'' 270) is transferring from Florida International and will not play for Isiah Thomas. He is listing K-State (the coaches have great Florida connections) as a place he might end up.

He was the Sun Belt Conference Freshman of the Year, and averaged 17.4 points and 11.4 rebounds per game. His AAU coach (who is speaking for him) said he won't finish college eligibilty before he goes to the NBA, so apparently he is pretty good.
pretty good chance. though thomas is refusing to release him, for now.
alvarez is a human hype machine though. asprilla is a good player, i like him. but i don't think he's a likely early entrant candidate
I thought Asprilla was going to play overseas ball?
same aau team. they're friends, but i don't believe that is terribly important to asprilla's decision.

Both Puerto Ricans and both played college ball in Florida. I'd think what Eduardo was to Victor Avila, Denis is to Asprilla.
asprilla is colombian.

Does he know Juan Valdez?

Didn't realize he was Colombian.
However, I do know the difference between Mexicans and Puerto Ricans.

It is:
Mexicans are not afraid to cry.
And Puerto Ricans...
are not afraid to make Mexicans cry.