Kings of Leon honor Wayman


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Nov 9, 2008
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If you were just watching Leno, the Kings of Leon played a song at the end. The drummer's bass drum had KOL on it, and he had used tape to make an OU symbol out of the O and then taped 23 below that logo. Pretty cool, subtle tribute.
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yeah one of the members of KOL is a really big OU fan. That is awesome to see that.
Awesome!! He was so respected around the country. Not one negative comment/report anywhere.

They say it will be obvious to a stranger what kind of life you lived by what they say about you at your funeral. I'm sure that his funeral could last for weeks with all of the nice things that people will say.

That's pretty darned cool of them. They are becoming huge and the fact that they still keep a connection to Oklahoma is awesome.
Love their music. Glad to hear they did this.

RIP Wayman

Here's a Kings of Leon video from the OU-Tenn Chat. game last year. Pretty cool.
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Here it is. Great band

Just goes to show you how many people Wayman truly touched. He was an amazing person. Basketball aside, if I could be half the person that be was and have half as many people care about me as he did, well I would live a damn good life.

RIP Wayman you will be missed but never forgotten. Just remember folks he is in a better place now, with no cancer or pain. I can take solace in that.:eek:ldwt356:
what is their connection to ou?

damn, kol, toby keith, saving guys are pretty much pop culture USA.
Matt, the drummer, grew up in Oklahoma City. They're all family so the others may have some roots in Oklahoma, too.

The two younger brothers grew up in OKC. The oldest was born in Tennessee. They love their Sooners though. Die-hards!
what is their connection to ou?

damn, kol, toby keith, saving guys are pretty much pop culture USA.

Lmao! Flaming Lips too! Geez! OU is on a roll. Oh wait, please disregard Toby Keith. Well, and maybe Saving Grace. Nothing pop culture about those two! lol...