New Sooner Cheerleader on the way


Nov 5, 2008
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Guys, while this has been a great year for OU it is about to get even better. Tomorrow morning we will be blessed with Kaylee Madison, our 9th grandchild. She is just a little bit special in that two months ago I had my 3rd heart attack and didn't think I would be here to see her and now she is just hours away.

Things can't get any better than they are right now, please keep Kaylee and her mom in your prayers tonight.

God Bless and have a great evening.:boomer:sooner
oketex, I can't think of anyone who deserves to be blessed with improved health and another grandchild to love.

Congratulations, my friend!!! :clap

(Maybe she will be a basketball player instead of a cheerleader.)
If her dad has anything to do with it she would be linebacker, but she is only coming in around 6 pounds while he is 6'2" and 230 I only hope she is like her mom, 5'8" they both like OU basketball so there is hope, I just hope I am around 18 yrs from now to see her attend OU, no matter what she will be a Sooner.

Ada thank you hope to see you this coming year, health allowing, this one has been tough, maybe its because I am 65.

MSP thanks,:boomer:sooner:woot
Congratulations, oketex! Also, hope you have good health for some time to come!