OU at #10 Texas 6pm 1/24

I'm not one to blame officials, but if we had lost this game, it would have been entirely on the zebras. I believe that was one of the most one-sided games I've ever seen called.

Regardless, the OU women really got some payback for our basketball program tonight.
How about those Sooners!!!!!!!

I don't know who to praise first. Tot was great! Lexi Keys hit a huge 3 in a high-pressure situation. Sahara Williams? She was phenomenal in the 2nd quarter. Peyton had a great game. Skylar was Skylar, so steady, and played so hard! And I agree with Scrybe. The Texas coach was in the ear of the officials and the officials did their best in the latter half of the 4th quarter to give Texas a huge home-court advantage with their calls - and we still beat them!
Keys to the win (yes some pun in that):
  1. 3 point shooting OU 10-27. Texas 3-9. Lexy 3 with 31 seconds left was MASSIVE
  2. Turnovers we only had 9 Texas 10
  3. Hanging with Texas on the boards…they were only +3
  4. Floor spacing on offense let us get open shots..21 assists
  5. Balanced scoring with all 5 starters scoring In double digits
Well, I’m impressed… still think we need some good sets… but great win. Maybe the tan is starting to jell
I thought S Williams did a great job driving to the bucket. Lexi hit some big shots
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Loved watching this team FINALLY put it together this year and beat a quality opponent! Not much we needed to improve on, and hopefully we use this as a confidence booster and win at home Saturday against Kansas (need this win!) and hopefully steal one from KSU. Mayyyybeee we can make the NCAA tourney after all. A lot of things need to happen in order for us to do so, but if we play like last night, I believe we actually can win the B12 regular season again and also make the tourney, maybe making a Sweet 16 this year. Knock wood!!
It'll be extremely difficult for us to pull off the upset against UT, they're just too tall and talented, and well coached, IMO. The next two games though, we COULD win, IF we play better than we did at Houston, IMO. Otherwise, we could easily go 0-3, or worse over the next few games. We'll really find out what this staff and team is made of the next few weeks!
Keep posting, maybe it will help us pull off a couple more upsets along the way. ;)
I'm very pleased we upset UT, the way we played going into that game I didn't know if we could. If we keep our focus, this team has shown they've improved and been able to pull out the close games that they weren't able to pull out a month earlier. Hope we keep it up and beat KSU tonight!