OU right in the hunt for McDAA candidate Terrence Jones

Seymore Cox

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Nov 12, 2008
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according to OUinsiders. It appears that OU is one of his top schools.

here's his ESPN profile.

April, 2009: This athletic combination forward has great size and good strength for his age. Jones has the body of a power forward but prefers to play on the perimeter. He has deep three point range off the catch. He doesn't get great elevation on his shot but he has a terrific release and follow through. He simply shoots over smaller defenders in transition or in the half court in a closeout situation. Jones is a perfect pick and pop forward and would also thrive in a 4 out 1 in offensive scheme. He can knock down the three on both sides of the floor but this lefty prefers the left side. Jones needs to add the post up game too his offensive attack to take advantage of his size against smaller defenders and work to develop scoring moves off the dribble in the middle game. Jones loves to hang out in the short corner along the baseline to receive drop off passes created by guard penetration where he power dunks with a clear path to the rim. He is a good area rebounder on both ends but must look to be more physical at times. Jones is a sure shot high major forward but has not scratched the surface of how good he could become.

July, 2008: Jones portrays himself as a 1, but due to his bulky frame, he projects more as a hybrid 4-man. He does have a knack for passing, but there are other areas of his game that need his attention. His jump shot - more like a set shot - is a tad erratic and he is somewhat of a volume shooter as well. He needs to continue to tighten up his handle and become a more dominant scorer in the paint to reach his potential.

June, 2008: Terrence is a very skilled wing player. He can play all 3 perimeter positions. He is probably best at the 3 or 1 positions. Terrence is very skilled with the ball and is a very good passer. He is what is termed a "playmaker". This long lefty is a very good penetrator and is effective at breaking his man down off the dribble. He is not a great shooter but can make shots out to 17 feet. Game and look are similar to former University of Michigan player Bernard Robinson.

Travel Team: I-5 Elite...Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, Indiana, Marquette, Washington State, Kansas and Arizona State are involved...

This is a guy who started as a wing and grew into a power forward. He's a guy that excels at posting up and shooting the three. Like Cameron Clark, he's guy who's list keeps growing as schools realize he's an elite talent. He started off with interest from Cal, Oregon, and Oregon State, and now all the big boys are getting in on him.
Just read the update. Sounds like Coach O has made an impression, but he said he's not going to sign until "next year". Could be a long battle.
If anyone has read my posts, they would know I'm really an advocate for the hybrid 4. A guy that can shoot, drive, and post. This is that type of guy. That is the player that Kyle Cannon was suppose to be. If we would have had a Hybrid 4 last year or even this year, the pull post players away from Blake and now Tiny, that would have made OU alot better.