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Feb 17, 2015
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Has us projected as the 63rd best team in the country. Mizzou is 64 and Georgia is in the 70s. The rest of the league is ahead of us, including Vandy by 13 spots. Our adjusted offense is projected as the 80th best and our record projection is 16-15. Obviously these will change a bit as rosters and schedules are finalized, but I doubt things will change too much since most teams are pretty much set at this point.

For comparison, he had us as 49 in his final rankings last season.

Pending a look at the final nonconference schedule, his projections seem pretty accurate. Our record in close games will probably determine if we end up slightly better or slightly worse.
I don’t think that’s unexpected given how things shook out in the portal. We will certainly have to outperform expectations to make the tourney. It’s possible, and as I’ve stated elsewhere, this will be the first team we’ve had under Moser that should have multiple shooters on the floor at any given time. Hopefully that gives the offense a nice jolt. I think this team is going to live and die by the 3 and our ability rebound as an undersized squad.
Same here. I was super pumped expecting a shot at an SEC title.
Love seeing the fans who are so accepting of bad results that they don't mind being projected as the 14th best team in a 16-team conference. I guess that's where the bar has been set, though -- basically on the ground.