OU Rivals and Scouts basketball people

Seymore Cox

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Nov 12, 2008
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Where are they? We always come down pretty hard on James for lacking basketball info, but atleast he tries. He does have atleast one basketball story a week. What's up with the Rivals and scouts guys. I know that Matt Hensley is the rivals guy and some of you guys know him personally, but he hasnt had an OU related basketball story in a long time. I think the last one was a story about a non commiting recruit was month ago about Ray McCallum. Scouts doesn't even have an OU guy covering basketball.
Don't bother with Rivals. Those guys always say 'well if we got more desire and attention from those that wanted it, we'd put out more' That means Carey Murdock posts a few 'tidbits' that include Blake looking at declaring early and Tony Crocker wearing long sleeves.

They had a great chance this year to take advantage of the attention we got, and they blew it. Henzo did all he could, but he isn't a full time writer.
Their coverage is disappointing. That is why I am thankful for this board. We might not have any reporters or anyone who covers the team on a daily basis, but this board is always a few days ahead of any other source.
Malcolm, you are exactly right. If the rivals people hadn't been so lazy, they would still be getting my 10 bucks a month. But as is, they've now missed out on about 150 bucks from me, and counting. Multiply that by any others that discontinued their rivals membership after the creation of this board and the have lost out on a bunch of money, just by making excuses and thinking that OU football matters and OU basketball doesn't.

Capel continuing to bring in MAA's is making those guys look pretty foolish.

I have really enjoyed this site and appreciate everybody that contributes each day.
Henzo is not with Rivals right now. When he is working, he is the best OU hoops guy in the business and it is not even close. Scout has freaking Eric "I have a Jayhawk beak instead of a human nose" Bossi doing OU updates. That is terrible.