Q & A with Tiny

Loved it! Thanks for posting, elmo

He has been a big old boy since he came into this world!

I was born at 12 pounds, 11 ounces.
Thanks for posting, Elmo.

I love this part!"

Q: What are you most excited about for your freshman year?
A: "I just want to prove a lot of people wrong. A lot of people are saying that because Blake isn't here anymore that Oklahoma isn't going to be as good as it was. I want to prove those people wrong."

I have a feeling Tiny means every word he said, and I'm not about to tell him he's wrong either. :)
Boy I hope Tiny is able to have a huge year. I think our success rest on his shoulders.

If he has trouble staying on the floor and averages 10 and 5 we could be 18-12.
If he has a solid year and averages 13 and 7 we could be 21-10.
If he has an amazing year and averages 16 and 10, we could be 25-8.

I just hope he is healthy and able to stay out of foul trouble.
Gallon, a 6-9, 300-pound McDonald's All-American who arrived in Norman in early June, is the highest-rated OU recruit in what is one of the highest-rated OU recruiting classes of all-time.

Q: In what areas do you need to improve?
A: "I was talking to Coach Capel a couple days ago. He said I'm in good shape, but he wants me to get into tip-top shape. So basically I'd say my conditioning. I'm ready to do that. I'll be working with Yo-Yo (strength coach Jozsef Szendrei) to do that."
Jenni Carlson should takes notes on how to do an interview (*hint jenni, it should be like this one)