Root hard for Griffin to shock his critics >>> Tulsa World

The transfer of an NBA franchise last summer from Seattle to Oklahoma City instantly created a whole slew of professional hoops geniuses in this state's largest city. As we've discovered, a great majority of them work in some form of the media.

So on the night the Los Angeles Clippers won the lottery, it was interesting to read and listen to some of their knowledgeable comments. Even us Tulsa dolts knew, of course, that the Clippers would use the No. 1 pick on Taylor Griffin's little brother, Blake, if professional sports' worst franchise didn't do anything stupid.

Perhaps it was giddiness over the local franchise getting the No. 3 lottery pick that produced this snide comment from one of the Oklahoma City wise men: "Maybe Taylor can get drafted by the Tulsa 66ers."

See, that kind of observation happens when you don't get out a lot. Or when you did venture outside the office last season, you limited your scouting to Thunder games, shunning trips to Norman to check out Taylor's progress.
Talk about having an ax to grind. Sittler just sounds really bitter.