Shaq , says Blake like Kobe and LaBron


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Nov 26, 2008
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Amid complaints about the dearth of talent in last week's NBA draft, No. 1 pick Blake Griffin has earned resounding approval from Shaquille O'Neal.

Shaq believes Griffin, the new 6-foot-10 power forward of the Los Angeles Clippers, deserves mention with the most intriguing rookies of the past 15 years.

"Every now and then you get that special case," O'Neal told "Kobe was that special case, [Kevin] Garnett was that special case, and LeBron James ..."

Here he pauses, like an emcee introducing a surprise guest to the stage.

"And now I actually think this guy Blake Griffin is a special case," said O'Neal. "He plays the game like a big man should play -- hard-nosed, tough. I really like his game.

"My (10 year old) son is starting to play now, and I don't like to let him watch players that are really, really fancy. Of course, I'll let him watch Kobe, LeBron, T-Mac (Tracy McGrady). But I show him Blake Griffin and I say, 'Shareef, this is the dude you should watch and pattern your game after.' Because my son, when he's older, I think he's going to have the same body type -- 6-10, muscular, freakish athletically."
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I gotta say this is about the first time I've agreed with Shaq. Interesting how he thru Kobe in there as well. I guess Shaq is not going to rap about "Kobe can't win one without me" any longer. LOL
Awesome! Thanks for posting. I am a big shaq fan, so it means a lot to me coming from him.
shaq may be the game's finest sage. no joke.

fyi...the feud b/w him and Kobe, as they've both admitted, was largely theater and marketing. they dont hate each other, sure their egos may not have existed in the happiest of lights, but giving props to Kobe is no big deal.

giving props to BG is awesome!
He's right about that, and his wife is right about trading for a great player and not giving up anything. They got Shaq for two horrible players in Wallace and that other bozo.
If blake is able to make an instant impact, he'll be a sport's endorsement star. He has that type of personality. He has a very similar personality to Shaq and Lebron.