Sorry...but I am PO'd


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Nov 7, 2008
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getting sent to the Clips is like a death sentence. My BP started rising the second I thought they might possibly get the pick.

It's just unreal how that fricking black hole of a franchise can keep blowing through players and hurting their careers.

I hope against hope that Blake can get out of it. NO ONE deserves to get banished to the Clips.
He should threaten to play in Russia, if they don't trade the pick
(from the guy that jinx'ed it)...:clap

But seriously he will play 4yrs for the Clips and if he can develop himself in that timeframe he can choose his suitor and go win championships. If he can keep that focus playing for that team in that city alongside those players he will have truly earned it.

Clipps NBA title in '12???
I was ready to be really excited tonight...and even go get a jersey in the next couple of weeks. The only possible crusher being if the dreaded Clips got the pick.

I am just so disappointed right now that it's hard to put into words.