Terrance Jones mentioning OU


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Nov 28, 2008
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Terrence Jones mentioning OU

Rivals has an update on Jones from the KU guy.
Jones lists schools that are recruiting him the hardest.
Mentions OU first.
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Re: Terrence Jones mentioning OU

i think OU is in a better position then people think.
Interesting. Thanks for the heads up. He is going to be a really good college player. He is a hybrid 3/4 that does a really good job driving the lane and is a plus rebounder.
From Scout:

He (Terrence Jones) said Washington, Oklahoma, Connecticut, USC and UCLA are the five schools coming the hardest
I really like the thought of having Terrance or Tobias on our team. I don't know that we've had anyone quite like either one of them on our team that presents the match up problems that they do at their position. BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!
Jones, Cobbins, or Harris would be a nice compliment to Big Tiny. I fiend for one of these guys.