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Nov 5, 2008
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this is now the only thread for covid-19 and/or politics ..

don't bring it any where else on this site ...

if any of the mods want to come here feel free ...

politics are fine PERSONAL ATTACKS are not ...

if anyone sees one of those please let me know ..
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I'm with Ada on this. After this post I am gone. This topic makes it very clear why most sports sites ban political speech.

109 pages of mostly idiological crap with minimal facts and when facts are presented they most often met with cynicism and ridicule.

The internet provides wonderful capability to improve knowledge. But it seems to make all of us think we are experts on everything and provides the schoolyard bully protection from finally getting the crap beat out of them. Worse still it allows evil people to use available technology to destroy people.

If you believe that Trump does everything right then you are probably an extremist and impervious to facts and ideas that don't agree with your point of view. If you believe that Trump does everything wrong then the same thing applies to you.

There are a lot of things about politics that I don't like.

I don't like career Congress persons. I don't like amendments to legislation that has nothing to do with the basic bill. Don't hold your breath until those things are changed. Those amendments are often payoffs to special interest groups and big donors.

Ever wonder why with a record low approval rate almost all of them are reelected.

Ever wonder why many of them become millionaires on an annual salary of 170-180,000 and living in Washington.

Their hearings usually accomplish nothing other than providing poto ops.

I don't like that Pelosi and McConnell can prevent any bill to come up for a vote. Way too much power there. Too often holding it up until the pork is added to the point that well meaning people vote for it holding their nose.

I have no respect for those who don't do what they say or stand by what they have said. Certainly people need to change their opinions based on new information but not for politics.

The campaign financing has gotten totally out of hand. Why should anyone but an individual make a campaign donation. Allowing donations from big organizations opens it up for corruption.

The federal government subsidizes far too many things. Problem with that is it is expensive running things through the federal buarocracy and you can be assured that all of the subsidy money will be spent whether needed or not.

The alternate energy companies have been subsidized for years but have made little progress in technology to make it less expensive. They don't have to as long as the taxpayers pay their way.

The media has degenerated into party advocacy. Now instead of protecting us from the politicians they are trying to protect the politicians from us. Terrible abuse of freedom of the press.

Too many lawyers in Washington. I respect the lawyers I have worked with in the past. But lawyers are trained to look good, talk good and spin things for the benefit of their client. I question that we are the clients of the lawyers in Washington. Also a poor background for running possibly the most complex organization in the world.

Abortions play too much a role in who gets elected. Abortions are mostly a religious issue not a national security issue. I am shocked by the Governor of Virginia who advocates for a mother to be able to have a baby who survives an abortion terminated. Slippery slope. What next? Ability a terminate a child when they reach the "terrible twos" or when becoming a teenager. Couldn't resist the cynicism. I had four children with three of them dying shortly after birth so I am a little sensitive on the subject.

I am horrified that high level politicians and Justice Department officials don't get punished for lying under oath and Martha Stewart went to jail. Most of us would as well.

We are plagued by many who think they are smart enough to determine our rights and freedom. Some of the smartest people I have known have the least common sense of anyone I know. What is wrong with showing respect for others and for their rights and freedom IF they are doing the moral and right things.