Watched some Cameron Clark film


The Red Wig
Nov 2, 2008
Reaction score
from the Nike Peach Jam.

A couple of notes about his game:

He really, really is money on the pull-up midrange jumper. Often times, he uses a short head fake, and then pulls up from the the elbow or the corner. Most of his makes are swishes. Looks a little akward with the handles (see Tony Crocker as a freshman). My one problem with his jumper is that he takes awhile to get the shot off. What I do like about it is that he releases the shot well above his eyes, which will help compensate for the slow delivery. Looks pretty lean but is not too thin. Showed some good inside finishes, and a good ability to go up for rebounds. Looks quick enough to play the wing.

I really like his game, and hope we land him.